Unlimited freedom and mobility of New Cloud Office is combined with a high information security, differentiation of access rights, possibility of teamwork and a significant reduction of IT costs. Learn more about some cloud solutions.


Common information space. The service provides a possibility for several users to work together with one program, in one area, with one document using the server as a common cloud space. Each person can be granted the personalized level of access to the information based on his or her own role.

Communication. Corporate chat allows sending letters, messages and presentations, distributing documents, reports, plans and sharing best practices. This optimizes your work, streamlines your business processes, while staying always online.

Access to all Microsoft Office applications. By using Cloud Office your company will work with the most up-to-date versions of Microsoft programs. We will provide you with the access to the licensed office applications: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.

Work with any software. All the programs you are currently using will be transferred to the European server. Thus, you will eliminate any equipment breakdowns influencing your business and at the same time increase your mobility and optimize the software purchase costs.

Technical support. Our experts will be installing new software products and upgrades, monitoring the system work, advising on IT issues, adapting Cloud Office as convenient for you. You will avoid the need to outsource IT specialists or keep them on the staff.

Daily backup. When incidentally or deliberately deleted, your files can be restored out of the backup copy. All your programs and documents will be regularly archived. Work in Cloud Office excludes any possibility of losing information.

Keep all your peripheral devices. Your employees will continue working with scanners, printers and other devices used in your office. No additional expenses are required!

Access from any device connected to Internet. Transformation into Cloud Office eliminates the link to your work place. Programs, files, electronic documents interchange – all you need for your day-to-day business – will be kept at and run from the European servers. Work with your usual applications and documents, get your e-mails, connect and collaborate with all the people of your company from a wide range of devices (PC, smart phone or tablet) connected to Internet.

New work place in a few minutes. Connecting your new employee to Cloud Office will take just a few minutes and no additional investments in office programs, equipment installation, etc. A couple of minutes – and your new employee is ready to work!

Corporate e-mail. We will provide you with a business class corporate e-mail of extended functionality. Your team will use the common Address Book, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks services. They will be able to jointly manage mail boxes from any part of the world with the access to Internet. The corporate communication will be run by secure, encrypted protocols with additional algorithms of authentication.

Minimize your IT costs. Cloud Office allows excluding from the company’s expenses the cash usually spent on acquiring new, more powerful hardware, on purchasing or upgrading software, on IT specialists’ salary. The cloud-based technologies streamline your IT infrastructure and key business processes.

Information leak control system. New Cloud Office provides a reliable protection of the confidential data through a range of special tools including access rights management. The integrated secure cloud environment covers not only the central office but all the branches and remote employees as well. Cloud Office is the best protection from the threats of today.